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Legends of Runeterra - Call of the Mountain Launch Trailer (Characters creation) | Riot Games (2020)

Another great journey with Riot about their new Licence : Legends of Runeterra ! I was in charge of leading the entire creation process of those characters :

- The Girl : Julien Paris did the modeling, texturing/shading, Blendshapes & Timothé Hek was responsible for the groom and the bag (All aspects).
- The Goat : I did the modeling and Florian Malchow the groom helped by Laura Guerreiro.
- Leona : Timothé Hek did the groom, the armor (All aspects) and the textures/shaders about the head. Nicolas Polyte sculpted his head/body.
- Diana : Julien Paris did the armor (All aspects) and Phil Nguyen the head (All aspects) with the groom.
- Dragon : I was responsible for the creature (All aspects).
- CrystalBoy : Aly Farroukh did all of the aspects of this character.

So proud of all the team for being capable of an amazing team effort during thoses last pandemy months !

Have a look on the folios of the team :
- Julien Paris :
- Timothé Hek :
- Florian Malchow :
- Aly Farroukh :
- Nicolas Polyte :
- Laura Guerreiro :
- Phil Nguyen :