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Far Cry 6 - Official Reveal Trailer (Anton character) | Ubisoft (2020)

Working on Giancarlo Esposito CGI face with so many talented friends was so cool ! Florian Malchow, Tristan Machet, Romain Garcia, Xavier Pothron, Laura Guerreiro & I, we worked closely together to provide the best Giancarlo Esposito Digital-double we can :
- Florian Malchow & I were responsible for the modeling/sculpt, shading & texturing
- Florian Malchow was in charge of the grooming (with the help of Laura Guerreiro) & clothes props (all aspects)
- Tristan Machet & Romain Garcia were responsible for the Blendshapes and some model adjustements
- Xavier Pothron was in charge of the entire process of facial blend wrapping
Congrats to the whole team for this huge achievement !

Have a look on the folios of the team :
- Florian Malchow :
- Tristan Machet :
- Romain Garcia :
- Laura Guerreiro :
- Xavier Pothron :