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LOVE DEATH & ROBOTS - Beyond The Aquila Rift (Suzy character) | Netflix (2019)

We worked so hard at UNIT-IMAGE to create the Aquila rift Episode for Netflix's LOVE DEATH & ROBOTS !
I was in charge of Suzy. Making this character was a really exciting process and that's so cool to see all those amazing characters coming to life. My goods friends Florian Malchow (Haircut) & Duc Phil Nguyen (Texture-Shading on clothes) were so helpful to me to create this asset. Many thanks also to Laurent Lecroisey & Xavier Pothron (Scan-process) and Robert Pashayan (Characters supervision).
I will post more breakdowns of the creation process as soon as possible !
This short is definitly an awesome team effort @Unit-imageTEAM.

Don't forget to Take a look at the Portfolios of the team !
- (Florian Malchow)
- (Duc Phil Nguyen)
- (Robert Pashayan)
- (Laurent Lecroisey)